Hi, I’m Anne and I’m here to show you easy family friendly recipes!

What will you find on my site: I am here to show you recipes for real life. While I would gladly spend all day cooking, that just isn’t a reality for me, or so many others. This site is dedicated to making homemade meals in a fraction of the time. My recipes will often utilize time-saving equipment (think air fryers and pressure cookers), short cut steps or make ahead instructions to make preparing meals as easy as possible. If there is a way to make it simpler without sacrificing flavor, I’m all for it.

My specialty is minimizing prep time and I do my best to make sure the majority of recipes on this site require 10 minutes or less of hands on prep time (cooking time may be additional). The goal is dishes so deliciously easy you will think I’m “practically kidding!”

Here are a few quick facts about me:

  1. I was born in Virginia but quickly moved so I consider myself a “native” Midwesterner even though I now live in the South.
  2. I am really good at planning and organizing (hello, I run my family with a 75-page spread sheet for EVERYTHING).
  3. I’m one of those weird people that really likes cleaning; but don’t expect my home to be neat, I live with 5 “non-cleaners” (who make copious messes).
  4. I have 5 amazingly crazy little boys.
  5. I’ve moved 19 times but am now, hopefully, in my forever city.
  6. If you could live on condiments, I totally would–give me ALL the sauces!
  7. Being in nature is my favorite way to de-stress. I live on 5 acres in the mountains so there are lots of mini-hike days around here.
  8. I would pick mountains over beach any day of the year.
  9. My family is my everything
  10. People are most shocked to learn? I once worked in a men’s prison. Yes, for real. I worked as a Legal Aide Intern while in law school at University of Kentucky.