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Almost Instant Calzones

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Almost Instant Calzones

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Almost Instant Calzones

This dish began with a problem, not to uncommon around my house, again occurred. You see I tend to go to the grocery store on the same day each week. And, similarly, I post weekly warnings about the upcoming trips. Reminders, by-the-ways, hey just so you knows… You get the idea. So every week on the night before the grocery run I ask my family what it is they would like me to make for them to eat in the next week, letting them know the plan I have but always being open to suggestions.

So, this week, like many others, I had followed the same routine. Had given the run-down of the planned menu and returned from the store. My husband was working that night so it was just me and the boys. I asked which of the agreed up dishes they would like to have, and, I’m assuming you can guess what happened.

That’s right: I don’t want that! Which one? Any of them! After a good sigh and secret eyeroll, I bolstered myself to ask the dreaded question: So, what is it you DO want. Calzones! I was going to tell you… Um, so why didn’t you?

Time to Be a Hero!

Ok, not really a hero, we are just in a strong PJ Masks phase over here. But, it was time to come up with something. I had no pre-made dough on hand and it was too late to make homemade pizza dough so I hit the pantry and found these Sandwich Thins. It was a total improv move; however, it ended up working out brilliantly. It also greatly lightened up this dish. The laughing cow cheese also gave the calzones a creamy, cheese-y texture without adding a lot of extra calories.

Want to mix up your Almost Instant Calzones?

We stuck to Spinach & Pepperoni for our calzones but this recipe lends itself to a variety of dishes. Sausage, mushrooms, bell peppers all might be good options. The only toppings I would suggest avoiding are those that may be too wet such as pineapple or fresh tomatoes. But really, lots of ways to mix this dish up.


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