BBQ Honey-Mustard Bacon Gouda Panini

BBQ Honey-Mustard Bacon Acocado Gouda Paninis

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BBQ Honey-Mustard Bacon Avocado Paninis

These BBQ Honey-Mustard Bacon Avocado Paninis are just too delicious. My kids absolutely loved these and so did my husband. These all began, honestly, by accident. I always do grocery pick-up to avoid having to take all of the kids into the grocery store. So, we go to the pick-up on a day I had done a mini order, ie, just a snack refill, stock up on staples and one night’s dinner (I was close to the cut off time while making my list so I just planned to return the following day).

Now, I’ll admit, it was clearly me who set myself up for disaster, but isn’t that often the case? We arrive at the store, in the pouring rain, of course, ready to grab my essentials and my chicken breasts. Wouldn’t you know, no chicken. There was no way I was getting all the kids out in the rain, so home we went.

Next, the scramble was on. I have all these people who are going to want to eat, but no clue what to serve them. Thus, BBQ Honey-Mustard Bacon Avocado Paninis were born out of the items I had on hand.

Getting Ready to Make the Paninis Begins with the Sauce

So I had no honey-mustard sauce at the house on this date, because, when I bungle something, I like to bungle it all the way : ) At this point, thoroughly judging myself–I’m usually hyper-organized just having an off day–I decide I’ll make my own. I grab some ingredients, get to measuring and stirring and end up with the perfect honey-mustard dipping sauce to serve along side my paninis.

Next Prep the Sandwich Ingredients

panini ingredients

For this recipe, there isn’t a whole lot of preparation needed in advance. Slice the French Bread, the Gouda Cheese and the Avocado. Cook the bacon to your desired crispiness. Pull out some deli sliced turkey and your favorite barbecue sauce and you are ready to get started.

Let’s Get Cooking

cooking paninis

Spread the French bread slices with your favorite mayonnaise. Place half of the slices mayo-side down on your Large Panini Grill. If you have a smaller grill or are making more sandwiches, you may need to do this in batches. Top with half of the gouda. Next add the avocado, turkey and bacon followed by the remaining gouda. Top with the remaining bread, mayo-side up.

Seal the lid on the Panini Grill and gently press down. Check after a few minutes and remove when toasted on both sides. Remove to a plate. Repeat with additional batch if needed.

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