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Cute Snowman Snacks for Winter

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Winter is finally here!

Whether it is snowing where you are or not you can still enjoy the fun of the season. These cute snowman snacks for Winter will surely make kids (or adults) smile and enjoy the wintertime fun. Make it extra special by watching a holiday movie such as The Snowman, Frozen, or Frosty the Snowman. Is it Summer time where you are? Why not enjoy a “pretend” Winter day mid-Summer!

Here we go Snowman

Snowman Eggnog
String Cheese Snowmen
Hot Chocolate Snowman Buddies
Snowmen Thumbprint Cookies
Deconstructed Snowman Snack
Snowman Veggie Tray
Crockpot Snowman “Poop”
Melted Snowman Chocolate Bark
Snowman Pancakes
Snowman Cookies
Snowman Pudding Cups
Snowman Snack Cups
Pretzel Snowmen

So there you go…

Hopefully that will give you some great ideas for fun snacks to enjoy this winter. Warm up the chilly days with a light-hearted treat. So let me know, which is your favorite? Which one will you try first?


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