Easy falafel with creamy tahini sauce
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Easy Baked Falafel with Creamy Tahini Sauce

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How to Make Easy Baked Falafel with Creamy Tahini Sauce

This dish is really 3 different phases. Making the baked falafel balls. Making the Creamy Tahini Sauce, and assembling the pita sandwiches.

Make the Baked Falafel Balls

Begin by combining most of the ingredients in a food processor and pulsing a few times until the ingredients are just combined–you want to make sure not to over-blend or it will be difficult to form the balls. Next add in the baking soda and flour.

Roll the balls together and place on your baking tray. Give a quick spritz with a light olive oil spray and bake in your preheated oven.

Make the Creamy Tahini Sauce

Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl or processor. Thin with water until it reaches your desired consistency. I prefer the sauce on the thinner side, more of an easily drizzle-y consistency. You could also make this a bit thicker and use as a spread or, even, alternative to the hummus, if that is your preference.

Prep the pitas

Slice the tomatoes & cucumbers. Shred the lettuce. Chop the cilantro. Halve the pitas and toast if desired.

How Can I Customize Easy Baked Falafel with Creamy Tahini Sauce?

Change up the falafel balls:

Any particular seasoning not suiting your fancy, can be easily deleted. The balls can also be flattened into disks if you would prefer. The baking time remains the same.

Change up the Tahini Sauce

Here there are a few options. You could lower the garlic if you are sensitive to that. The consistency can easily be adjusted from a thin drizzle to a thicker spread, depending on your preference.

Don’t want tahini sauce at all? Try a tatziki sauce. The sauce from my Tatziki Pasta Salad would be a great alternative.

Change up the pitas

Fillings: Any of the fillings can be removed. Cucumbers, Tomatoes, cilantro, any of them that aren’t to your liking or that you just don’t have in stock are fine to remove.

The Bread: Toast or don’t toast the bread. Lettuce wraps could be an alternative. Hoagie or sub rolls would work. This could also be converted into a “bowl” style dish. Serve the balls atop a bed of lettuce and whatever other fillings you like, possibly dicing some.

Add more: Peppers, pepperoncini peppers, olives, sundried tomatoes would all be possibilities.

Ditch the pitas entirely…simply serve the balls alongside the creamy tahini sauce as a dip.

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