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Foods Beginning With F

Need an easy list of Foods beginning with the letter F?  Look no further!  Need ideas for show-and-tell?  Does your child’s school request you send in a “themed” snack to match the letter of the week?  Are you working on letter recognition with a new reader?  There are plenty of reasons why you may be looking for foods beginning with F…So, lets begin…

Fruit Roll Ups

These kid-friendly favorites are a classic.  Available in a bunch of flavors, these individually wrapped treats will be a hit in any classroom.


YUM!  Who doesn’t love this decadent treat?  A beach-trip favorite but also a super-easy treat to make at home.

Fish sticks or Fish Filets

All some protein to your list of letter F items with some fish.  Fish sticks or filets are a freezer-friendly hit that most kids just cannot get enough of.


While you may not want to send these in for snack time, they are certainly a letter “f” kid favorite.  While grocery shopping one day the in-store Starbucks was giving out mini-frappuccinos and gave my twins some mini-decaf frappuccinos.  They were adorable, and it you are feeling super industrious, something similar would be perfect!

Frozen Yogurt

One of the more treat-friendly items on the list.  Fro-yo, at its best can be just like ice cream.  You may want to use this one for word building or a reward for other accomplishments.

Figs/Fig Newtons

This sweet fruit is a yummy treat!   Make life easy on yourself by serving your figs as “newtons”.

Fruit Snacks

AKA gummies, just about every kid is a fan of these easy snacks.

Fortune Cookies

Less a food or snack but more of a fill in the blanks show-and-tell winner.  I.E, EGADS, my kid has show and tell tomorrow but yay! Tonight was Chinese take-out, winner winner!

Fun Dip

This sweet, powdery candy with a sugar coated dipper is the epitome of “fun” foods starting with letter f.

Flatbread Pizza  The homemade dough of these flatbread pizzas will make your kitchen smell Heavenly!  Customize with your favorite toppings and enjoy!


These easy Falafel Pitas with Creamy Tahini Sauce are an easy lunch time hit.  If you are making for snack time, simply serve the Falafel balls on their own.

Frozen Veggies

Any pre-frozen veggie will work here, so any favorite will do.  Bonus points for using Frozen French-cut green beans.

Fruit Loops

Easy, colorful and fun.  This childhood classic is a great choice for answering what starts with letter F!

French Toast

French Toast is a food beginning with letter F

Homemade with eggs and white bread, or store-bought in single-serve sticks, french toast is a hit, especially with kids, in either format!

French Onion Soup

This Panera Copycat Version is the last French Onion Soup you will ever need to make at home.

French Vanilla

Ice cream, yogurt, coffee creamer, etc.  Anything French Vanilla flavored will hit the mark for show and tell or letter recognition games.


Yes, really a simple hotdog, and there you go!  Frankfurter!

Fried Foods

Perhaps not the best for preschool, but if you are starting to hit the end of the idea list, fried foods will certainly give you the “f”.

Fried Rice

Fried Rice is a food beginning with letter F

This takeout favorite is easy to source and is still perfect for show-and-tell, just create a baggie—my son took a quesadilla square in a ziploc and won the week, so why not!?


While not really a great dish to travel with,fondue certainly starts with ‘F’ and is a total classic.  This is a great choice if you are list-building or making a ‘theme’ meal based off he letter.

French bread

French bread is a food beginning with letter F

Homemade or store bought, this style of bread is so versatile!

Fruit Juice

 Choose your favorite and title it ‘fruit juice’.  That could be apple, grape, fruit punch, etc.


Flan is a food beginning with letter F

This dessert may not travel that well, but it does start with f!

Fruity Pebbles

So colorful, so fun…who wouldn’t love this classic cereal!

Flatbread Pizza is so easy to make at home.  You will be obsessed with the simple DIY crust!

So, there you go!  A big list of  Foods beginning with F!  You are now ready to win snack week with your timely suggestions.  Forward snack warrior!!

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