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Foods Beginning With L

Need an easy list of Foods beginning with L?  Look no further!  Need ideas for show-and-tell?  Does your child’s school request you send in a “themed” snack to match the letter of the week?  Are you working on letter recognition with a new reader?  There are plenty of reasons you may be looking for foods beginning with L…So, let’s begin…

Fruits Beginning with L:

Lemons are a food beginning with L
  • LEMON– perfect as lemonade, a tart twist on so many dishes or zested for a spicy hint of zest on your favorite pastas or salads.
  • LIME– make a limeade, or serve a squeeze alongside a taco salad

Vegetables beginning with L:

lettuce is a food beginning with letter L
  • LETTUCE– in a salad or on its own, lettuce is a great pick for a food beginning with L.
  • LEEKS– these milder takes on onions are amazing in soup.  This Potato Leek Soup  is sure to be a favorite!
  • LIMA BEANS– While often dreaded by kids, these mini beans are actually really delicious.  The frozen variety is packed with nutrients and beyond easy to prepare.

Snacks beginning with L:

Licorice is as snack beginning with L
  • Licorice– black licorice, red licorice,  or Good & Plenties, licorice is a unique flavor that begins with the letter L.
  • Lays Potato Chips-Just one won’t do!
  • Lance Crackers– while these come in a variety of flavors, any of them will work just fine for a letter L snack, so choose your favorite, peanut butter, chive, cheese, etc.
  • Laffy Taffy– Bonus point for trying the banana flavor, as it is clearly the best!
Lollipops are a side dish for
  • Lollipops-  any and all, Dum Dums are a classic, but stores like Dollar Tree have the “big, special ones” in multiple flavors or rainbows of colors.

Beverages beginning with L

  • Lemon Lime Soda- call it Sprite, 7 UP, or any other name, lemon lime soda will certainly fit the bill for a food that starts with L.
  • Lattes–  Flavor them as you like, hot or cold, lattes will always hit the spot.
  • Lemonade–Freshly squeezed or from a mix, lemonade is a beloved treat for people of all ages.

Pastas beginning with L

Linguine is a food beginning with L
  • Linguine– wider than spaghetti, not as thick as fettuccine, linguine is almost the perfect noodle for pasta.
  • Lo Mein– the take-out favorite comes in so many varieties from pork or chicken to veggie or shrimp, all of its varieties are sure to be a hit with your snacking crew.  
  • Lasagna– in single cups or a large slice, veggie or beef filled.  White sauce or bolognese, lasagna is a classic dish that so many of us love!  Not necessarily a snack food, but still a classic dish that begins with letter L.

Proteins beginning with L:

  • Lamb-Not just for Easter, this classic protein is also delightful for a Sunday Supper or even a less formal meal.  (Side note: Arby’s has a lamb sandwich that this gal may not have known was lamb, but was not bad for a quick lunch!)
  • Links (sausage, etc)-sausage, pork or chicken, links can be a perfect fit for a food beginning with letter L.
  • Lobster – a little bit on the fancier side perhaps, but it needn’t be overly fussy.  Lobster tails in butter sauce or some such may not work for snack, but a more simplified, mini lobster roll or bits of lobster salad could certainly work.
  • Lox – this salmon topping that classically tops bagels may be a bit non-traditional for a snack food; however, it actually works quite well.  Consider serving it atop mini bagels or slice bagels into quarters or sixths to have a bite-sized piece that is perfect for snack time.
  • Lentils– These protein packed little coins are considered a good luck food for New Years, thought to bring coins and wealth in the coming year.  If you would like to try out more lentils, here are two great recipes to try:
    • Turkey Lentil Sloppy Joes are technically “Turkey Janes” (as the “Jane” refers to the Turkey instead of Beef as the primary protein), these are so easy to make, packed with protein, and keep very well to make for lunches later in the week, meal prep and more.
    • This Lentil Tikka Masala in the Instant Pot is a fun, EASY! Twist on the dish. If you have followed my site at all you know I am all about making good food as quick, easy, and hands free as possible.  This Tikka Masala 100% fits that format.
  • Lentil Soup– Lentil soup is one of my favorite lunches; however, as of typing this I realized I actually do not have a lentil soup featured on this site! (stay tuned, as that will need to change).  However, lentil soup, whatever variety is your favorite, is another great L food.

Randoms that Begin with Letter L:  I hate to reduce anything to a “random”; however, sometimes, in the interest of keeping a list in line, that is about all there is to do, so, here are a few more “L’s”, just to round out the list (or if you are in the Gosh-awful position of needing to send “theme” snack day 5 of 5 or some such–and Bless you if you are–onward with their buttered frozen meal!)

  • Land ‘o Lakes Butter– Maybe on some bread??
  • Lean Cuisine– These frozen entrees are maybe not the most filling, but all start with L, so there you go!
  • Logs (ants on a) – celery, peanut butter, raisins, DONE!
  • Latkes – these potato pancakes are actually super tasty.  Serve them up with applesauce, sour cream or whatever your favorite dipping sauce might be, in any event, these are as kid-friendly as fries and so easy to pair with a ton of other dishes.
  • Loaves- Yes, loaves of ANY of your favorite bread will count
  • Lavash- Much like loaves, Lavash is a thin, unleavened flatbread that works perfect as a food beginning with letter L.

So, there you go!  A big list of  Foods beginning with W!  You are now ready to win snack week with your timely suggestions.  Forward snack warrior!!

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