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Foods Beginning with W

Need an easy list of Foods beginning with W?  Look no further!  Need ideas for show-and-tell?  Does your child’s school request you send in a “themed” snack to match the letter of the week?  Are you working on letter recognition with a new reader?  There are plenty of reasons you may be looking for foods beginning with W…So, lets begin…


These nuts are so versatile.  Use them for snacking, add them to peso or use as a meat replacement.

Wrapped candies

Any classic hard candy will work, just make sure it has the wrapper.  Jolly Ranchers would be a perfect fit for this.

Washington apples

Who doesn’t love apple slices, they are super healthy and perfect for snack time.  Washington apples would be an ideal fit for a food starting with W.

Whatchamacallit bars

This timeless candybar is more than just a scrumptious treat, it is also another great food beginning with letter W!


Less of a food, more a seasoning, Wasabi is  sometimes known as “Japanese Horseradish”, it is a super-spicy condiment that can add a kick to any dish.


Sliced, diced or chopped, this summertime favorite fruit is always a hit.  Bonus points for winning the seed spitting contest!

White shells and cheese

Mac and cheese is a timeless kid-friendly favorite.  White cheese shells, while a bit less traditional, are still delicious and beloved by all. 

Wheat Thins

Lighter than Triscuits, more filling than saltines, wheat thins are a great snack choice whether served with cheese or on their own.


These easy Asian dumplings are a great side dish.

White Rice

Keep it simple with some plain white rice.  MInute rice or not, this easy side dish will be perfect for snack, letter recognition, or whatever reason you are looking for a W food.


Yep, plain water, fruit-infused water, it all works!

Whole Milk

Make it a smoothie or have it plain, whole milk still begins with letter W.

Wagon Wheel pasta

Wagon wheel pasta is so fun!  Kids will love this retro style shape that is a fun hit with any classic pasta topping.

White Chocolate

Have a touch of dessert with this decadent favorite!

Wonder Bread

This classic food is perfect for sandwiches, grilled cheese, French toast and more!

White Grape Juice

Who doesn’t love grape juice.  White grape juice is so much easier for snack-time for kids as it lacks the big “stain potential” of regular/purple grape juice.

Wafer Cookies

These easy crisps are a nice, sweet treat.


Whether made fresh from scratch or microwaved from frozen, waffles will forever be a classic!


Be like Mike, or Lebron or whomever is currently featured on the wheaties box, and be the best version of yourself by having your wheaties to start the day.


Not just fancy lettuce, this green treat has a nice, peppery taste that will be delicious served atop any salad.

Worms, gummy…

Worms on their own may not sound like the most appealing dish; however, make them gummy worms and all of a sudden, you have a desirable treat!

Water Chestnuts

Whether served in a stir fry or own their own, these crunch bites are always fresh and ready to do.

Wasa Wafers

High in fiber and super sturdy, these health-a-licious crackers are easy to get your morning started right.

Wax Beans

Similar to a green bean, these veggies are easy and flavorful.


Get in some protein with some white fish.

Wild Rice

This well seasoned rice dish will be hard for anyone to pass up.

Wakame  Seaweed

Wild leeks

Make them into omelette bites for easy transportation.


Whether boneless or traditional, kids and adults all love these chicken bites.  You could even make cauliflower wigs to keep it vegetarian.

Whether’s Candy

Can you not just hear the Price is Right music playing in the background on this old fashioned candy that is a perennial grandparent favorite.  

Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum or any gum in Winter Fresh Flavor

While not the best snack on its own, you can certainly use some to freshen up after a meal.

So, there you go!  A big list of  Foods beginning with W!  You are now ready to win snack week with your timely suggestions.  Forward snack warrior!!

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