4 Ingredient Guacamole is a side for tamales
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4 Ingredient Guacamole Recipe without Cilantro

This four ingredient guacamole is as easy as it gets.  Less than five minutes and four simple ingredients is all it takes to make this amazing avocado dip.

What are the ingredients in Four Ingredient Guacamole?

As always when we count ingredients, salt and pepper are considered freebies as pretty much everyone will always have those on hand.  So, in addition to some salt and pepper, here are the four ingredients.  

  • Avocados – for this recipe you want to use regular Haas avocados.  They should be soft enough to give slightly to gently pressure, but not so soft as to be overly mushy.
  • Hot picante sauce – I used this one by Herdez.  I find the HOT version works best here as the other ingredients dull a lot of the heat in this picante.  If you are especially sensitive to heat you could always substitute a milder variety.
  • Olive oil mayonnaise – I like to use olive oil mayonnaise for this guacamole as it is a somewhat healthier alternative to traditional mayonnaise and I feel the flavor works better in this guacamole.  If you prefer, you could substitute regular mayonnaise.
  • Lemon – the lemon juice will help prevent your guacamole from browning while also adding a bright, tangy flavor to your four ingredient guacamole.  I liked it with half a lemon, you could use a bit more if you like an especially tart dip.
4 ingredient guacamole

What else could I add to this guacamole?

Adding more will take this away from being a four ingredient guacamole; however, sometimes you may wish to customize with a few extras.  In that case, here are a few ideas:

There are many variations of guacamole that you can make by adding different ingredients to the basic recipe. Here are some ideas for variations to add to guacamole:

  1. Tomato and cilantro: Add chopped tomatoes and fresh cilantro to the guacamole for a classic flavor combination.
  2. Spicy: Add diced jalapeño peppers or a pinch of cayenne pepper to the guacamole for a spicy kick.
  3. Mango: Add diced mango to the guacamole for a sweet and savory flavor combination.
  4. Corn: Add cooked corn kernels to the guacamole for a sweet and crunchy texture.
  5. Bacon: Add crumbled bacon to the guacamole for a smoky and savory flavor.
  6. Roasted garlic: Roast a head of garlic and add the softened cloves to the guacamole for a mellow and slightly sweet flavor.
  7. Feta cheese: Add crumbled feta cheese to the guacamole for a tangy and salty flavor.
  8. Salsa: Mix in some salsa to the guacamole for an extra burst of flavor and texture.
  9. Pomegranate seeds: Add pomegranate seeds to the guacamole for a juicy and refreshing crunch.
  10. Greek yogurt: Mix in some Greek yogurt to the guacamole for a creamier and milder flavor.
  11. Hot sauce-a few dashes of a favorite hot sauce can add a bit of heat to this dip.
  12. Cumin or coriander-both can often be found in guacamoles and would be a great addition to this 4 ingredient dip
  13. Chili Powder-much like hot sauce, this can add a bit more heat to our avocado dip
  14. Garlic Powder-I prefer garlic powder to fresh garlic in this guacamole because it helps to avoid any of the raw garlic flavor.

How easy is it to make this four ingredient guacamole?

There wouldn’t be much point in having a recipe with just a few ingredients if it took a bunch of time to make.  Here is all you will need to do to:

  •  Add the halved, peeled avocados, the picante sauce, the mayonnaise, the lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste.  Puree to desired consistency and you are done.  Really, that is it, one step and done.
  • If you wanted to add any additional ingredients you could put them in with the main ingredients or add them, to taste after initially blending the dip.
4 ingredient guacamole

Ways to serve 4 ingredient guacamole?

Guacamole is a versatile and delicious dip made from mashed avocados and a variety of seasonings, such as garlic, lime juice, and salt. Here are some ways to use guacamole:

  1. As a dip: Guacamole is a classic dip for tortilla chips, but it can also be served with other vegetables, such as sliced carrots or celery.
  2. On toast: Spread guacamole on a slice of toast or a bagel for a quick and easy breakfast or snack.
  3. In sandwiches and wraps: Use guacamole as a spread in sandwiches or wraps, such as a turkey and avocado sandwich.
  4. With grilled meats: Guacamole pairs well with grilled meats, such as chicken, steak, or shrimp.
  5. In salads: Add a dollop of guacamole to a salad for a creamy and flavorful dressing alternative.
  6. With Mexican-style dishes: Guacamole is a popular condiment for Mexican-style dishes such as tacos, burritos, and quesadillas.
  7. As a topping for soups: Add a spoonful of guacamole to a bowl of soup, such as tomato soup or chicken tortilla soup, for added flavor and creaminess.
  8. In omelets or scrambled eggs: Add guacamole to omelets or scrambled eggs for a tasty and filling breakfast.

Can Four Ingredient Guacamole be made in advance?

Yes, you can make guacamole in advance, but there are a few things to keep in mind to prevent it from turning brown or losing its flavor.

First, be sure to cover the guacamole tightly with plastic wrap, pressing the plastic wrap directly onto the surface of the guacamole to prevent air from getting in. This will help to slow down the oxidation process that causes the guacamole to turn brown.

You can also add a little bit of lime juice to the guacamole before refrigerating it, which will help to preserve the color and flavor.

It’s best to store guacamole in the refrigerator for no more than 24 hours, as it can begin to lose its flavor and texture over time. Before serving, give the guacamole a stir and taste it to make sure the flavor is still fresh and balanced. If the guacamole has developed a layer of brown on the surface, simply scrape it off and discard it before stirring the rest of the guacamole.

What are some other dishes to serve with this four ingredient guacamole:

  • These Air Fryer Stuffed Poblanos are a spicy twist on traditional stuffed peppers that blends ground turkey, cheeses, tomatoes and spicy poblano peppers in a dish that would go perfectly with this guacamole.
  • Smoked Queso Dip why serve just one yummy dip when you can serve two?

Air Fryer Chalupas are another restaurant-style favorite that would be a great dish to use some of this guacamole on.

4 Ingredient Guacamole is a side for tamales

4 ingredient guacamole

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Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Appetizer
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 4


  • food processor


  • 2 avocados peeled and pitted
  • 7 oz hot picante sauce I used Herdez Salsa Casara
  • ¼ cup olive oil mayonnaise
  • Juice of one half lemon
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Optional add-ins

  • Hot sauce
  • Cumin
  • Fresh coriander
  • Chili powder


  • Add all the ingredients to the bowl of a food processor. Mix until desired consistency is reached. Add in any optional ingredients you would like to use.
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