How to roast jalapenos
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How to Roast Jalapenos

Wondering how to roast jalapenos? This post will give you five fully unique methods to easily roast jalapenos at home including cooking times, tips and best results. Let’s compare and contrast and find the best way to roast jalapenos! Roasting Jalapenos has never been so easy!

Wondering about roasting jalapenos? Jalapenos work so well is SO many dishes, especially if you, like me, love this spice things up. So I decided to run a test of five different methods of roasting jalapenos. I will show you all the results, give you all the info and make sure that, whatever cooking method you choose, you are easily able to roast jalapenos! This post may contain affiliate links, to learn more, read our disclosure page.

Basics of How to Roast Jalapenos:

To make this post, I wanted to ensure that all the options were vetted. In this post, I’ll compare/contrast later in the post, but I wanted to make sure to include a roasting method that would work for everyone, hence the different options! Roasted jalapenos for all!

How to roast jalapenos

How to Roast Jalapenos in an Air Fryer:

how to roast jalapenos air fryer

Air Fryer turned out to be one of our easier methods to roast jalapeƱos and get great results! Wondering how to roast jalapenos in the air fryer? Here we go:

To roast jalapenos in the air fryer: Set you air fryer to 400 degrees. Add the jalapenos and air fry for 15 minutes. I used this air fryer to roast the jalapenos in the photo.

How to Roast Jalapenos in an oven:

How to roast jalapenos in an oven

How to roast jalapenos in an oven. Set the oven to broil. Wash the jalapenos and place them on a sheet pan in the top position. Broil, turning often for 20-30 minutes until blistered all over and fully cooked.

How to Roast Jalapenos in a Grill Pan:

How to roast Jalapenos in a grill pan

To roast jalapenos in a grill pan. Set the pan on the oven burner and heat to medium-high. Add the jalapenos and cook, turning occasionally for approximately 15 minutes. I used this grill pan.

How to Roast Jalapenos in an Instant Pot

How to roast jalapenos in an Instant Pot

To roast jalapenos in the Instant Pot. Add one cup of water to the bowl of the Instant Pot and add the trivet. Place the jalapenos on top of the trivet. Set to manual high pressure for 10 minutes. When the cooking time is done, allow a natural pressure release of 5 minutes and then quick release any remaining pressure.

How to roast jalapenos in a Panini Press, Waffle Iron or George Foreman Grill

How to roast jalapenos in a waffle iron, panini press or george foreman grill

To roast jalapenos in a panini press. Add for 10 minutes, gently press the lid closed and allow to sit turning several times if desired. I used this panini press .

Final thoughts on how to roast jalapenos:

Ultimately, all five methods gave perfectly acceptable results and would all be great to use next time you want to roast some jalapenos. I will note that I found some methods to be easier than others. So, here were my final thoughts:

  • Most Classically Roasted Jalapeno– Air fryer hands down wins on this one. While the oven ultimately yielded the same results, it took much longer to achieve making the air fryer a bonus for speed and classic charred skins.
  • Easiest- I honestly wasn’t even sure how the Instant Pot Roasted Jalapenos would turn out, but in the end, I found this to be BY FAR the easiest method. The main reason I feel that way is because it is basically no fail. Add the peppers and the trivet. While they are done after a five minute natural pressure release, there will not be any ill effects if you get busy and leave them a few extra minutes while most of the other cooking methods could cause your peppers to burn in that amount of time.
  • Least Favorite-The panini press was not my preferred method. Part of the issue I had was that some of my jalapenos were thicker than others, making it difficult to have an even application of heat. This also lead to the lid not really wanting to close well and me needing to hold the front together with tongs at the beginning. The jalapenos in the panini press ultimately came out fine; however, there was definitely more effort involved. I would only really use this as my preferred method of roasting jalapenos if there were no other options available, perhaps like a dorm or small apartment.

So there it is Heat lovers! Happy roasting!

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