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Pear Blue Cheese Flatbreads

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The Origins of Pear Blue Cheese Flatbreads

These Pear Blue Cheese Flatbreads really came together by accident. I rarely grocery shop in person anymore. Months back, I had somehow skipped a day in the weekly menu. I already had the next week’s pickup booked; however, I wasn’t able to edit it. So, with just my oldest in tow, post Dentist appointment, we headed to a “real” grocery store.

If you are over the age of 5 and have lost that magic, a “real” grocery store is the same as the grocery store where we do pickup, however, we actually enter the building. For me this honestly has nothing to do with any health issue, but, umm, have you attempted to grocery shop with 4 boys under age 6??? Yeah, no, no one wants that.

Anyways, there we were. But, as I said this was a while back and the store was picked-over-to-the-nth. Egads. I refuse to give in and get take-out on a night I have planned to cook and, at this point, dine-out was not an option. So time to compromise.

I saw some awesome Anjou pears and recalled loving a pear blue cheese salad I had ordered some time back. Lettuce was not available (because, of course); however, I was able to find some Matzos (my favorite go to for crispy pizza/flatbread style dishes) so I was able to quickly combine a variation on the salad into a flatbread.

On the way out, we did have to make a stop a the magic ticket machine…Ok, this one is entirely my fault. When my oldest was, somewhere between 15-18 months old and still the only child I had him at the store. We passed one of the lotto vending machines (we have them where we live, but if you aren’t familiar, it is basically like a soda machine, you put in money, choose the lottery ticket of your choice and it vends as a soda would).

So, when he was that little, we were leaving a store (as I always, pre-twins, shopped in person) and he asked what it was. My first-time-mom-self, wanting EVERYTHING to be special told him it was “a magic ticket machine where people can win giant fortunes.” I don’t know, someone please go smack former Anne across the face and ask what the heck??? So, I was reminded of another reason we can no longer shop in store, and left with a Powerball ticket. (spoiler: I didn’t win, or instead of writing to your about yummy flatbreads I would be drinking martinis and ordering around multiple Nannies–KIDDING! (maybe?) Anyways….we left to retrieve the others and craft dinner.

pear blue cheese flatbread

How to Make Pear Blue Cheese Flatbreads

Well, after all the grocery store theatrics, the dish is actually REALLY simple. Toast the nuts in a dry pan. Sauté the onions to a nice golden brown and then blend with the vinegar and sage.

Lay the matzos out an a baking sheet(s). Top with the onions mixture. Add the pears, walnuts and cheese on top. Cook VERY briefly and you are done. Just. Like. That.

One thing to note. I LOVE Matzos as the base for this dish. I also use these for super-crispy pizzas and any sort of flatbread or pizza style dish that I want to have a crispy crunch. I you haven’t tried them, trust me, thin crust pizza has NOTHING on these. While they were traditionally a Jewish affiliated dish, they are now widely available in most grocery stores or here. If you would prefer a thicker, or chewier crust, feel free to substitute the pizza crust of your choice. Leave the rest of the instructions the same, just prepare the crust as directed before adding the toppings.

So if you LOVE the recipe, let me know in the comments. And if the “Magic Ticket Machine” serves you well, I love to share (WINK)

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