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Copycat Red Robin Burnin Love Burger

What is a Red Robin Burnin Love Burger:

The Red Robin Burnin’ Love Burger is a type of hamburger that is served at Red Robin, a popular casual dining restaurant chain in the United States. It features a beef patty that is topped with jalapeno relish, fried jalapeno coins, melted Pepper-Jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and chipotle aioli sauce. The burger is served on a sesame seed bun and is known for its spicy flavor profile. It is a popular menu item among those who enjoy spicy food. See below for our EASY copycat version.

What are these Copycat Red Robin Burnin’ Love Burgers all about?

So this recipe is a little different for this site and a little bit not…  So let’s start with that:

  • These burgers are a bit different for our site in that:
    • There is a fair bit of hands-on work required.  We usually are all about keeping it as simple as possible …but WAIT, here is how this recipe IS our usual thing:
  • These burgers are totally “easy, family-friendly food” in these ways:
    • I have a bunch of make-ahead and make-it-quicker tips to simplify things.  There is no need to make all the steps at once and I will explain easy ways to make things simpler.
    • Budget-friendly is always the name of the game for us here.  And this Red Robin Burger averages $13+ per person.  For a family of 4 that quickly becomes nearly $50 before you even factor in drinks or parking.  Family of 6, make that nearly $100….and I am going to show you how to make 6 of these, at home, for around the cost of 1.  
Red Robin Burnin Love Burger

What all makes up a Copycat Red Robin Burnin Love Burger?

Homemade Charred Corn, Cherry Tomato & Jalapeno Salsa

Chipotle Aioli

Oven “Fried” Jalapeno Rounds

Burger patties, pepper jack cheese, sliced tomatoes and shredded lettuce on a sesame seed bun

What are the ingredients in Copycat Red Robin Burnin Love Burgers?

For the Homemade Charred Corn, Cherry Tomato and Jalapeno Salsa:

Frozen corn (you could easily substitute fresh or canned, but I have found frozen and thawed corn to be the easiest to work with.

Cherry tomatoes

Whole fresh Jalapenos


Lemon Juice

Salt and Pepper

For the Chipotle Aioli:

Mayonnaise:  Use your favorite.  The salt content of your may will determine how much salt you will need to add to the aioli

Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce

Garlic powder

Lemon juice


Oven “fried” Jalapeno Rounds


Seasoned Flour: I used Kentucky Kernel

Buttermilk (If you don’t have buttermilk on hand just add some lemon juice to regular milk)

Plain breadcrumbs

red robin burnin love burger

What are some helpful make ahead options for these burgers?

As I said earlier, these Red Robin Copycat Burgers do take a bit more time overall than most of our recipes.  The good news is that no individual component is all that time consuming on its own.  That can be helpful in that you do not need to make all the components right before serving the meal.

  • The Homemade Charred Corn, Cherry Tomato Salsa can be made up to three days in advance and stored in an air-tight container.
  • The same goes for the Chipotle Aioli.  It can easily be made in advance and stored in the fridge, in an air-tight container, for up to 3 days.
  • The Oven “Fried” Jalapeno Rounds can be made earlier in the day.  Do not refrigerate!
  • Also, lettuce can be shredded and tomatoes sliced thinly earlier on in the day you plan to serve the burgers.

How to assemble the Copycat Red Robin Burnin Love Burgers just like the restaurant does?

Now surely, you can put the ingredients in any order you prefer; however, if you want to make the true copycat, here is how you go about it:

  • Smear the bottom bun generously with the chipotle aioli and place on a plate.
  • Top with the burger patty coated with melty pepper jack cheese (adding the cheese as soon as the burger is done cooking should be sufficient). 
  • Next add a good helping of the charred corn, cherry tomato and jalapeno salsa.
  • Top with the “fried” jalapeno coins.
  • Next is the tomato slices topped with the shredded lettuce.
  • Finally, add a the top bun, smeared with as much additional chipotle aioli as desired.
  • Optionally, Add a roasted tomato atop the bun for visual effect.
red robin burnin love burger

How can I lower the heat a bit on these burgers?

While this is definitely a recipe for those who like a little heat; however, just how much heat you prefer can be variable.  Here are ways to ensure your burger is deliciously spicy, not just overly hot.

  • For the Charred Corn, Cherry Tomato & Jalapeno Salsa:
    • Begin by pureeing the corn, cherry tomatoes, shallots, lemon juice, salt & pepper.  Add jalapenos one at a time, checking for heat after each mixing, until it is just right.
    • Another option is to remove the seeds and ribs from the jalapenos to lower the heat before adding to the salsa.
  • For the Chipotle Aioli:
    • Much like the salsa…start with one chipotle pepper and add more to taste.  Remember that it is much easier to add more heat than to remove heat.
  • Overall:  Just use only the amount of salsa and aioli that tastes good to you. 

How to Use leftovers?

The Charred Corn, Cherry Tomato & Jalapeno Salsa is great with tortilla chips, or add to a quesadilla.

The Chipotle Aioli works well as a dip for the “fried” jalapeno rounds, or as a dip for fries.

The extra “fried” jalapeno coins are great for snacking.

red robin burnin love burger

Red Robin Burnin Love Copycat Recipe

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Servings 6 burgers


For the homemade charred corn, cherry tomato & jalapeno salsa:

  • 1, 12 oz bag frozen corn thawed
  • 1 pint cherry tomatoes
  • 4-6 jalapenos
  • 3 shallots quartered
  • Juice of ¼ a lemon
  • Salt & pepper to taste

For the Chipotle aioli:

  • ½ cup mayonnaise
  • 4-5 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 Tablespoon lemon juice
  • ½ teaspoon salt or to taste

For the oven “fried” jalapeno coins:

  • 6 large jalapenos
  • ½ cup seasoned flour
  • ½ cup buttermilk
  • ½ cup plain breadcrumbs

To assemble:

  • 6 sesame burger buns
  • 6 frozen burger patties
  • 6 slices pepper jack cheese
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Slices of tomato

Optional to serve:

  • Whole roasted jalapenos to top


For the salsa:

  • Heat the oven to broil.
  • Put the corn, tomatoes, jalapenos and shallots on a large sheet pan. Spread out into a single layer
  • Spray with olive oil spray.
  • Place in the oven for around 10 minutes. Flip the veggies using tongs or a fork, spray again and return to the oven, stirring every few minutes until everything is roasted. Set aside for a few minutes to cool.
  • In a food processor, combine the corn, tomatoes, shallots, lemon juice and 2 of the jalapenos (remove the stems) and about ½ teaspoon of salt. Puree.
  • Taste the mixture and add additional jalapenos to reach desired heat and additional salt to taste. Set aside.

For the Chipotle Aioli:

  • Add all ingredients to a mini food processor. Pulse until combined. Set aside.

For the Oven “fried” jalapeno coins:

  • Place the seasoned flour, buttermilk and bread crumbs in three separate shallow dishes.
  • Slice the jalapenos in approximately ¼” thick rounds. Add to the bowl of a colander and rinse lightly with water, tossing so all surfaces are covered.
  • Add the jalapenos to the flour and stir to fully coat.
  • Next dip in the buttermilk, followed by the breadcrumbs, turning to coat and shaking off any excess.
  • Place on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Repeat until all coins are coated.
  • Spray lightly with cooking oil and put in the preheated oven for about 7 minutes, flip, spray again and repeat until browned. Remove and set aside.

To Assemble:

  • Cook the burger patties as directed on the package.
  • While the burger patties are still warm, layer them with a slice of pepper jack cheese.
  • Lightly toast the buns.
  • Smear the bottom bun with the chipotle aioli.
  • Top with the cheese topped burger patty.
  • Next add the charred corn salsa followed by the jalapeno cheese coins.
  • Top with thinly sliced beefsteak tomato & shredded lettuce.
  • Finally top with the bun top, lightly smeared with the chipotle aioli.


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