roasted balsamic flatbreads
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Roasted Vegetable Flatbreads

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Balsamic Red Pepper Flatbread

Roasted Balsamic Flatbreads

These Roasted Vegetable Flatbreads are an easy family-friendly weeknight meal. They have minimal prep-time so your hands-on effort is quite low.

To save time making the Roasted Balsamic Flatbreads, feel free to roast the vegetables in advance and simply warm through when you are ready to prepare the pizzas.

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What Veggies Should I use?

I made these with broccoli, red bell pepper, asparagus and onion. I really like this combo; however, sometimes it can be difficult to find asparagus in some months. If you didn’t like one of the veggies, or simply preferred to swap, that would work out too. One option would be to increase the volume of the original ingredients. Another would be to swap out one of the vegetables, or simply add more to the mix.

Other vegetables that would be a good fit in this dish:

  • Other colors of bell peppers (orange, yelllow or green)
  • zucchini, diced or cut into thing strips
  • Mushrooms
  • Shallots
  • Brussels sprouts, trimmed and quartered
  • Cauliflower

Want to change the base on the Roasted Balsamic Flatbreads?

This dish uses matzos as the base. If you have not used them before, I strongly suggest you give them a try. They have long been my go-to dish for quick, super-crispy pizza bases. I use them all the time for even simple lunchtime pizzas for my boys. Matzos are available in the Jewish section of most grocery stores. If you can’t find them there you can easily source them online.

Still want another option?

Here are a few that could work well:

  • Pita bread. Toast the pita and then proceed with the toppings as indicated.
  • Prepared pizza crust or pizza dough. Prepare as directed on the package and proceed with the toppings as indicated.
  • Cauliflower pizza crust. Prepare as directed on the package and then proceed with toppings as indicated.
  • French Bread. Halve length-wise, toast lightly and then proceed with toppings as indicated.


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