Side Dishes for Grilled Cheese
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Sides for Grilled Cheese

What sides work best for grilled cheese? It really depends on the type of grilled cheese you are choosing to prepare. In this post we will explore the best sides for grilled cheese, and here, you will surely find some favorites.

Serve salad as a side for grilled cheese:

kale salad is a side dish for grilled cheese

This Copycat Chick Fil A Kale Crunch Salad will be a nice, fresh accompaniment, no matter what style of grilled cheese you are planning to serve.

Try a fruit salad. Depending on the season, a mix of oranges, grapefruits, cherries, grapes or other fruits could be the perfect accompaniment to your grilled cheese.

A Caesar salad can have a nice sharp bite from the dressing and parmesan cheese, accompanied by fresh leafy greens to make for a bright accompaniment to your sandwich.

Serve pasta as a side dish for grilled cheese

In cooler months, the warm, meltiness of grilled cheese can be a perfect accompaniment for pasta. Here are a few pastas that go especially well with grilled cheese:

Serve Veggies as a side dish for grilled cheese

Lemon Roast Veggies make perfect side dishes for grilled cheese
Lemon Roast Veggies

You could keep it simple with some fresh steamed or roasted asparagus or broccoli, or go for a more elaborate blend of veggies. These lemon roasted mixed vegetables are an especially fresh take that would make a perfect item to serve with grilled cheese.

This Instant Pot creamed spinach is an amazingly fast way to make the classic dish so much easier. Serve this when you are wanting your grilled cheese meal to be just fancy enough without over doing it.

These Greek Style Lemon Roasted potatoes in the air fryer are easy, crispy and super fresh.

air fryer broccoli bites are a great side for grilled cheese

These Air Fryer Broccoli Bites are the perfect way to sneak some extra veggies into your meal with these easy, tasty bites that keep amazingly well.

Serve Finger Foods with your Grilled Cheese

Keep the hand-held vibe of grilled cheese going by serving some small bite appetizers and sides along with your grilled cheese sandwiches.

  • These easy Mac & Cheese bites are a snap to make in the air fryer and double-up on the chees-y goodness of your meal.
  • Or try these Air Fryer Stuffed Mushrooms for a short-cut take on a traditionally “fancy” appetizer.  The twist here is that we have created a really simple way to make this classic dish and by using the air fryer, the dish can be prepared in almost no time.  This combo makes it perfect for a weeknight side or the perfect dish to serve at parties or holiday appetizer spreads.
Air Fryer Pinwheels
  • Maybe some Air Fryer Pinwheels which are an amazingly versatile dish that works well in a variety of ways.  These pinwheels are great as a light main dish, an easy appetizer, perfect for an appetizer party or even as a side dish.  They are simple, yet so flavorful and something that will be enjoyed by all.

Dips are also a great side dish for grilled cheese

Here are a few great ones to try:

  • 4 ingredient Guacamole is as easy as it gets.  Less than five minutes and four simple ingredients is all it takes to make this amazing avocado dip.
  • Or this Crack Corn Dip which is amazingly addictive.  It blends corn, spicy Ranch seasoning, pepper jack cheese, bacon, green onions and lots of cheddar.  The result is a creamy, spicy dip that is perfect for parties, barbecues, etc.
  • Make Smoked Queso Dip This delicious cheese-y dip is a perfect side dish for taco night, game night or any casual get together.  You will love how quickly and easily this dip comes together and can even be prepared in advance. Despite the name, this dip is not actually smoked on a grill or in a smoker, this dip gets its “smoky” flavor from the choice of ingredients.  Here the smoky flavor comes from the smoked paprika and chipotle adobo sauce.  
  • Finally, to really up the cheesiness of your meal, serve your grilled cheese alongside this Cheetos Cheeseball for a crispy crunchy bit of extra cheese, because, can you ever really have enough?

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