Sides with Enchiladas
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Sides with Enchiladas

Who doesn’t love an enchilada. Beef, pork, chicken or cheese, enchiladas are a classic Mexican or Tex-Mex style dish. The issue is, what to make your sides with enchiladas. That is where this post comes in, I am here to give you all the answers for what should be your sides with enchiladas.

Bean Sides with Enchiladas

Beans work great as sides for enchiladas

Refried Beans-the restaurant staple is a classic. While homemade may be best, I have found that this brand is the absolute closest to restaurant quality that you can get in a heat-and-serve format.

Bean Dip-Black beans or pinto, any sort of bean dip and chips is a great side dish for enchiladas.

Black Bean Salsa/Salad-call it what you will, black beans, onion, tomato or perhaps some rotel and you have a perfect black bean salad.

Corn Sides with Enchiladas

Corn salad is great as sides with enchiladas

Elote or Elote Salad– Also known as Mexican street corn. This dish pairing cotija cheese, spices and fresh corn is always a hit and would be great with enchiladas.

Fresh Corn– regular ears of grilled or steamed corn or corn off the cob would all be a simple easy side dish for enchiladas.

Corn Salad-Corn, peppers, onions and some seasonings would make a perfect side dish for enchiladas.

Other Sides with Enchiladas

rice as a sides with enchiladas

Rice-this is a classic. Some simple Mexican or taco rice or even a yellow rice would be great with your enchiladas.

Guacamole-this avocado dip is so versatile and would be a great side dish.

Queso or Salsa and Chips-the snacking quality of these two makes things amazing sides with enchiladas.

Guacamole Salad-guacamole, lettuce, tomato, perhaps some chips and there you go.

Our Pics for Sides with Enchiladas

Instant Pot Cajun Pasta – creamy and delicious, this veggie-filled pasta dish is awesome with enchiladas.

Air Fryer Avocado Egg Rolls are a Cheesecake Factory Copycat recipe. They are a great nibbler to serve along with enchiladas and the dipping sauce is amazing.

Instant Pot Pepper and Mango Fajitas– yo use as a side, simply skip the tortillas and serve the fruit and veggie mixture.

Stuffed Poblano Peppers– these spicy twists on stuffed peppers are easy to make in advance and are perfect sides with enchiladas.

Air Fryer Chalupa These are styled most after the chalupas you will receive if you order a chalupa at a regular Mexican restaurant in the States.  As written, these chalupas are a light, protein-packed dish that comes together very quickly and is easy to make your own.

Instant Pot Tortilla Soup This easy to make vegetarian tortilla soup comes together with minimal effort and keeps amazingly well. The homemade crispy tortilla strips on the top are the ultimate recipe-maker.

Instant Pot Cheese and Pepper Tamales are just about the easiest tamales there are to make. Steaming them in the instant pot allows them to come out perfectly in a mere fraction of the time traditional tamales can take to make. If you have never made homemade tamales before, this is a great place to start.

Sweet Sides with Enchiladas

sopapillas as a sides with enchiladas

Sopapillas are a Mexican style sweet pastry often sweetened with honey and or confectioner’s sugar.

Churros-are a Spanish style fried dough dish often seasoned with cinnamon. These would make a nice sweet side for enchiladas.

Fried Ice Cream– is quite the treat. A scoop of cool creamy ice cream is breaded and quick-fried for a warm-meets-cool treat that is quite unforgettable

Dulce de leche-is a sweetened condensed milk treat that has a flavor similar to caramel.

Flan– this custard-y treat is often topped with a sweet sauce.

So there you have it 22 amazing sides with enchiladas to get your meal started right!

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