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Sloppy Joe Sides

What to Serve with Sloppy Joes?

Sloppy Joes are a quintessential family meal. Quick, easy and decidedly kid friendly these easy sandwiches make for a simple weeknight meal. While many varieties exist, they all contain the classic elements of a saucy meat base with seasonings, loosely constructed and served atop a bun.  But, like many classic, simple meals, you may be wondering what to serve with sloppy joes. That is why this post exists.  To give you a list of more than 15 of the best Sloppy Joe Sides should help you come up with some great ideas to figure out what goes with sloppy joes. Let’s get started.


Fresh greens from a salad will be a nice light accompaniment to your sloppy joes. Keep things nice and simple with an easy side dish like this Chick Fil a Kale Salad Copycat.

Chick Fil A Kale Crunch Salad

POTATOES & CARROTS.  Potatoes and carrots: roasted, steamed, grilled or boiled these two veggies are great sloppy joe sides. Go for a super-simple side dish with these Ranch potatoes and carrots made in the Instant Pot.  This is the ultimate drop and go dish that is a great side dish for sloppy joes.

Instant Pot Potatoes and Carrots

PICKLES.  Pickles are often served alongside sloppy joes.  They can be served as a topping for sloppy joes or served alongside the sloppy joe sandwiches.  Try some of these easy homemade sweet and spicy pickles a a sloppy joe side dish.

Spicy Refrigerator Pickles

DESSERT.  A Sloppy Joe can, much like a burger, almost be a light meal all to itself.  Instead of a side, consider trying to serve a nice dessert along with our sloppy joes.  This orange creamsicle pie provides a fresh, cool dessert perfect for hotter weather.

Orange Creamsicle Pie

POTATO SALAD.    Potato salad is a classic pairing for Sloppy Joes.  This dill pickle potato salad was made to be served with sloppy joes.  

FRUIT SALAD.  Fresh and light, fruit salad works great with sloppy joes. This fruit salad with yogurt dip would be another kid-approved dish to serve as a side dish for sloppy joes.  

SWEET POTATO FRIES.  Sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients.  Get some of the benefits alongside a fun snack with these spicy sweet potato fries.

CRINKLE FRIES.  Crinkle fries are pretty much every kid’s favorite fry.  These air fryer crinkle fries can be crisped straight from frozen making them a super easy side for sloppy joes.

ROLLS.   Less of a side and more of a serve alongside, these homemade soft white rolls would really elevate any sloppy joe recipe you would make with freshness.

MACARONI SALAD.  Perfect for picnics, even better for dinner, either way its a classic. This old fashioned macaroni salad is a great one to try.

sloppy joe sides

ONION RINGS.  Who doesn’t love an onion ring.  The best ones are made with sweet onions and a crispy, crunchy outside.  These Vidalia onion rings have both and leave you never again questioning what to serve with sloppy joes.  

sloppy joe sides

COLESLAW.  Creamy cabbage-based coleslaw is great with sloppy joes.  Try this creamy coleslaw for an easy DIY version.

what to serve with sloppy joes

DEVILED EGGS.  Deviled eggs are a classic side dish for a reason.  They are both super easy to make and easy to prepare in advance.  These classic deviled eggs will help you accomplish both.

side dish for sloppy joes

BAKED POTATOES.    Baked potatoes are a classic side dish for a sloppy joe.  These crispy baked potatoes make it easy to make sure your potato is cooked to absolute perfection.

Side dish for sloppy joes

FRIED PICKLES.  Pickles go great with sloppy joes as a topping.  Fried sides would also be a great pick to serve with sloppy joes.  These fried pickles would be a great side dish for sloppy joes.

CARROTS.  The flavor of traditional sloppy joes tends to pair particularly well with carrots.  These brown sugar carrots would be great with sloppy joes.

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