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What to Serve with Jambalaya

Wondering what to serve with Jambalaya.  You aren’t alone, this combination of shrimp, sausage, rice, chicken and vegetables is a delightfully hearty dish that works great in cool weather or as a Summertime treat.  Finding the right side dish for jambalaya is the key though.  That is the purpose of this post.  I have compiled a list of amazing sides for jambalaya to help make your dish a meal that everyone will enjoy.  So, without further ado, let’s begin answering the question of what to serve with jambalaya:

Here is what to serve with jambalaya:

Crab Cakes–Double up on the Seafood with these Deviled Crab Cakes that  bring the flavors of deviled eggs, most notably the Dijon, paprika, mayo and old bay seasoning, into fresh, crisp crab cakes. It is the same flavors from your favorite deviled crab recipe in crab cake form.

deviled crab cakes are a side for jambalaya

Cornbread- This Homemade Cornbread is tender and fluffy with just a hint of sweetness and it’s easy to make from scratch.

cornbread is a side dish for jambalaya

Smothered Cabbage- This easy Smothered Cabbage is a simple and comforting side dish that is easy to whip up for easy meal.  It takes less than 25 minutes from start to finish!

smothered cabbage is a side dish for jambalaya

French Bread– This super easy Homemade French Bread recipe, uses only a few ingredients, and yields 2 loaves of delicious French bread you can make at home.

french bread is a side dish for jambalaya

Collard GreensSlow Cooker Collard Greens with Smoked Turkey are smoky, perfectly seasoned, and tender. And so easy to make and freezer-friendly. When you pair them with Jambalaya, you have a match made in heaven.

collards are a side dish for jambalaya

Smashed PotatoesAir Fryer Smashed Potatoes are simple and easy to make, with just 5 pantry ingredients! They’re crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and bursting with garlic flavor!

air fryer smashed potatoes are a side dish for jambalaya

Corn Casserole– This easy Corn Casserole recipe uses canned corn, canned cream corn, butter, sour cream, and Jiffy cornbread mix. It’s the perfect side dish, uses simple ingredients, and is loved by many!

corn casserole is a side dish for jambalaya

Tomato Salad– This easy Tomato Salad Recipe is made with vine-ripened summer tomatoes and drizzled with my favorite homemade vinaigrette. Ready in less than 10 minutes, enjoy this healthy, delicious, and summer side dish with all your favorite main-course recipes!

tomato salad is a a side dish for jambalaya

Sauteed SpinachSauteed Spinach and Onions is a super fast 10 minute side dish that goes great with meats, pasta and rice, or spicy dishes.

sauteed spinach is a side dish for jambalaya

Green Chile Cornbread-A southwest take on a southern classic, Green Chile Cornbread with whipped honey butter combines sweet with a touch of heat. Plus, there is nothing better, or easier, than homemade cornbread!

green chile corn bread a side dish for jambalaya

Sourdough Bread– This recipe for Dutch Oven Sourdough Bread will be the easiest loaf of sourdough bread you will ever make! All you need is a dutch oven and 4 ingredients to make this artisan-style bread at home.

sourdough bread is a a side dish for jambalaya

Brussels Sprouts– These Garlic Butter Roasted Brussels Sprouts make the perfect vegetable side dish. You’ll whip up Brussels sprouts in a matter of minutes on the stovetop. It doesn’t hurt that they’re oil free and gluten free.

brussels are a a side dish for jambalaya

Sautéed VegetablesSautéed Zucchini and Onions with Sweet Corn is a delicious and versatile side dish. The flavor in this simple side is elevated with fresh & aromatic parsley, and bold & savory parmesan cheese.

zucchini corn is a side dish for jambalaya

Crab Puffs– These Louisiana Crab Puffs are outrageously delicious, an easy-to-make appetizer and ready in about 30-minutes!

crab puffs answer what to serve with jambalaya

Salad– This Simple Tossed Green Salad will be a fresh accompaniment to almost any meal and will be a nice light side for jambalaya.

side salad for jambalaya

Fried Potatoes– These Southern Fried Potatoes are an easy, fun side dish that will go perfectly with jambalaya.

Hush Puppies-Light and fluffy on the inside, perfectly crispy on the outside, with just a touch of spice, these Jalapeno Hush Puppies are the perfect accompaniment for a true Southern meal.

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