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What to Serve with Potato Soup?

Wondering what to serve with potato soup?  Look no further as we have compiled over 35 of the most amazing dishes to serve with this beloved soup.  Keep it light, make it a meal, a little in between, whatever you are looking for you are sure to find it here.  So, what should you serve with potato soup?

BREAD– bread is a perfect side dish for potato soup.  It is great for dipping and helps make a simple soup into a more filling meal.  Here are some amazing bread recipes to serve with potato soup:

air fryer texas toast on a cooling rack

Air Fryer Texas Toast is beyond simple to make and yet it tastes so fresh and delicious that you will never want to make the frozen version again.

This Spicy Cheese Bread has everything you want in a side dish bread: cheese, jalapenos, freshness–it adds just the zip needed to make your potato soup feel special.

This Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pão de queijo) is just so delicious. It’s crunchy on the outside and cheesy on the inside. It’s gluten free and takes less than 25 minutes, start to finish.

Ciabatta is crusty bread that is tender and chewy on the inside. It tastes so amazing when warm and homemade.  Making homemade authentic ciabatta bread by hand is easier and more delicious than you can imagine. It has its distinct irregular holes which make it airy and ideal for sopping up fresh fragrant olive oil or nestling butter that is spread upon it.

This quick Peppery Cheese Bread is yeast free and full of savory cheese and black pepper. Pairs perfectly with a bowl of delicious comforting soup. This cheese bread recipe is gluten free and is simple to make!

Easy chive drop biscuits are great with breakfast or dinner, or just as a snack. If you want a more simple biscuit, just omit the cheese and chives.

This Garlic Bread Recipe is amazingly easy to make at home and uses a lot of ingredients you may already have on hand. 

This sourdough ciabatta is an Italian white bread with a thin, crispy crust and large, irregular holes, called an open crumb. It’s a high hydration dough made with active starter, flour, water, and olive oil. The perfect Italian sandwich bread for paninis!

This Easy Crusty French Baguette is simple enough to be made at home but tastes just like you bought it at your local bakery!

Copycat Olive Garden Breadsticks taste just like the ones you can’t stop eating at the restaurant! Make these soft garlic bread sticks as a side dish for your next Italian dinner.

These irresistible garlic cheese rolls are comprised of an easy homemade dough which is then stuffed with garlic cheese and brushed with melted butter.

SANDWICHES– Soups and sandwiches are a classic pairing for a reason–they go GREAT together!  Check out these sandwiches that will stop you from ever asking what to serve with potato soup again!

These Pretzel Melts have all the flavors of Chicken Cordon Bleu with the fun twist of ‘soft pretzels as buns’.  It is a delicious twist on a classic that kids (and their adults) will devour.

Roasted Vegetable Flatbreads combine balsamic roasted vegetables, a super-crispy crust hack and spicy dijon for an amazingly crisp sandwich.

This Toasted Santa Fe Turkey Sandwich is perfect for spring and summer picnics, quick and easy dinners, or just a great lunch that is different than normal! If you’re ready for a fast and easy lunch or dinner, a sandwich is always a great idea.

Don’t know what to do with leftover roasted chicken or turkey? These chicken (or turkey) muffins will be perfect for a grab and go meal, in your lunch box or to bring to a picnic. Serve these healthy gluten free savory muffins at room temperature with a salad or soup or as an appetizer. They also make the most perfect gluten free savory breakfast muffins.

If you are looking for a portable lunch or snack that’s not only filling but incredibly tasty, you are going to love these spicy chicken stuffed buns. Learn how easy it is to make light and fluffy chicken buns with a warm, flavorful, spicy filling.

Salads- Potato soup can be filling, especially depending on the specific type you make.  Here are some refreshing salads that would be perfect to pair with your potato soup.

Copycat Chick Fil A Kale Crunch Salad tastes exactly like the restaurant version.  It is packed with nutrients and beyond simple to recreate.  Best part–you can make a large batch for less than the cost of a single salad at the restaurant.

Delicious, colorful, and refreshing Greek Cucumber Salad is a perfect side dish made with healthy ingredients such as cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, olives, and feta cheese. This simple dish is ready in 15 minutes and packed with lovely Mediterranean flavors.

This warm mushroom and kale salad is so addictively good you will want to have it all year long!

Copycat Panera Fuji Apple Salad is a yummy bite of summer with the added benefit of fresh fruits and veggies. This Panera apple salad tastes amazing all year long.

Simple Spinach Salad recipe with eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, sesame seeds and a healthy salad dressing. This salad is easy enough for a weeknight dinner and adds a pop of color to any celebration table.

Mix up the traditional salad a bit with this amazingly delicious fruit salad.  It is yummy enough to fill a pie, but still light enough to serve as a side.  You will make this over and over!


Keep it light and fresh with some veggies as a side dish for potato soup…

These Air Fryer Stuffed Mushrooms are an easy way to have a “fancy” side dish that takes almost zero hands on time.

This honey glazed carrots recipe is your next hit side dish! The different colors of the carrots combined with the seasoned flavor of the honey and spices, makes this dish so unique. You will have no problem eating your vegetables with this recipe!

These Sweet and Salty Brussels Sprouts will turn even the pickiest of eaters into brussels-obsessed veggie lovers with this lick-your-fingers worthy recipe.

Air fryer green beans with bacon is a quick and easy recipe that can be cooked in just 15 minutes! Made with fresh, frozen, or canned green beans, this delicious recipe makes an excellent side dish to chicken, steak or fish! You can even eat it as a meal if you want!

Marinated tomato salad is so simple to prepare and goes perfect with grilled foods and tastes great on its own. You’ll want to keep a bowl of this sliced tomato salad in your fridge all summer long. 

Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Asparagus is a simple and quick appetizer or side dish that comes together in about 20 minutes. Make this with common pantry staple items found in your home. The air fryer makes the bacon come out crispy and the asparagus tender without being overcooked.


These Cranberry Glazed Meatballs are the epitome of minimal effort and yet somehow make for a perfect slider or sandwich filling or easy side dish.

Cheddar Bay Sausage Balls use Red Lobster biscuit mix instead of Bisquick and chorizo instead of Italian sausage to create a boldly flavored variation on traditional sausage ball recipes.

Bacon jalapeno poppers have to be one of the easiest, but most loved party foods in existence. The combination of spicy, salty and cheesy flavors is out of this world!

Marinated chicken wings aren’t just party food. Here they are tossed in an easy-to-make and super flavorful homemade sauce and then oven-baked until golden brown and slightly crispy. When paired with a hearty salad or side dish, you’ll have one satisfying dinner.

Air Fryer Croutons. The original air fryer croutons recipe, showing you how to make croutons in the air fryer for any occasion. This air fryer croutons recipe is perfect for soups, salads, and a quick snack.

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